About Jean Jacques

Master Jean Jacques Machado is 7th degree Red & Black Belt, one of the few Jiu-Jitsu Masters in the World, which is a rank you acquired when being a Black Belt for over 30 years. Currently Master Jean Jacques teaches every week at his two locations in California: Malibu and Tarzana. Jean is also very passionate about spreading Jiu-Jitsu for everyone through his online training system. He records new instructional techniques every week for his online training stay always up to date. Learn more about Online Training


A Champion is born

February 12th of 1968, a boy is born with congenital disorder called Amniotic Band Syndrome which affected his left hand, leaving him without any fingers. "Don't worry Luiza, your son will be a champion" - said Carlos Gracie Sr to Jean's mother, and then lifting up his new nephew as a ritual he did to all young borns in the family.

Arrival in California

Jean arrived in the United States to continue his competitive success. Dominating the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu scene both in the US and in international competition, Machado is one of the most admired and respected Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioners in the world today.

Abu Dhabi Champion

Jean won gold medal at the Abu Dhabi Submission and Wrestling World Championship and that made him recognize as the best grappler fighter in the world at 66k-76k weight division. He also won the Most Technical Fighter Award.


In 2001 Jean went to fight again in the biggest grappling tournament in the world (ADCC). The world was shocked when he took 2nd place in the Absolute Division, which it's an open weight division, where he was weighing around 66k and faced the best 100k+ fighters in the world. That performance made him as one of the best fighters ever. Jean also won the Fastest Submission Award and Best Match Award with his final match against Arona. Until recent years Jean also held the record for most submissions on ADCC.

1st Online Training

Launching the first ever jiu-jitsu online training, Jean made his footprint into the digital instructional on demand, and attracted thousands of online members seeking to learn directly from him.

Re-launch of Online Training

Jean is re-launching his new online training with a completely new website and going mobile through what is probably the best jiu-jitsu mobile app out there. Master Jean loves to teach and through his new online training he can fulfill his passion to spread his teachings to anyone at anytime. Learn more about JJ Online Training or Download the Mobile App.
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